May 17th, 2003


LJ Mummies :D

*sigh* Woken up by hubby's snore..bah! Am sure gonna be panda-eyed tomorrow..

Anyway..just a note to pple who loves babies, ljmummies, a community for mummies, mummies-to-be, and those who love oogling at babies has been set up!!! Thanks to ashleyneo, who's idea it was to create this community and yyumeko for designing the page *muakz*...

And yeah, since most of my journal entries have pictures, this entry shan't be any different..:)

Daddy & Baby Bonding~~
yeah, trigger happy mummy [note - no baby's eyes were hurt coz no flash was used :D]

At the bathroom

At the living room..

U can tell how tiny Aidan is next to his dad...
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