May 18th, 2003


Everyone seems to have watched it :)

Hmm..I gotta get a pair of these...They looked damn cool on Jada Pinkett (Niobe) in Matrix Reloaded...of coz no guarantee that I'll look just as good in it hehe..

But fwah..I thought the show was fabulous..(I know some who will disagree)..tho a tad preachy and long-winded during those non-action scenes [Morpheus talk too much lah!]..And that freeway chase scene ..Solid man ! And.. I really cannot imagine anyone else either than Keanu Reeves as Neo! Can't wait for Revolutions..:D..

*Bah! 2 women for every man..shouldn't be surprised since the creator of Matrix was a man..
**And for those who watched the movie and thought that the conversation btwn Neo & the Architect was mumble-jumble to you, you can read it here..
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