May 21st, 2003



No..this is of coz NOT Aidan here but my galpal, Boon Na's cute li' baby, daughter, Wan Ying who is @6 months old..being carried by our local singing idol, Steph Sun..hee~ Must definitely ask her how this pix came about..!

Yeah..some of us LJ mummies will be meeting up tomorrow at Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar in the afternoon..meganmacy will be leaving for Hongkong in early June to join her hubby who's under work attachment here and won't be back for a while..At last I can get to meet Megan & Macy *yeah* and some of the cute li' babies like ashleyneo's Tiffany..chayhm, happyqile, debralim..hope u guys can join us but I understand if u can't, esp Lily n Clare..coz of ur babies..Lemme know if anyone else is interested in joining us :)

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