May 22nd, 2003


Idol ramble~~

It's 4 freaking am and I'm still awake..darn! This will teach me not to nap with Aidan in the day..especially since he's been taking 2 hours naps!! I think I slept at least 4-5 hours in the day..

Spent the earlier hour scouring the net for info on the American Idol finale..Clay & Ruben had their showdown earlier in the evening in States and apparently, the whole of American was busy dialing in for their favourites. Interestingly, the phone voting there is free! No 20cents admin charge - FREE! [unlike us here in Singapore where u gotta pay these admin cost even if it's for charity!!] .And there's also no restriction in the number of votes u can call-in. Bet they are gonna break some kinda record there!

Apparently, there's supposed to be some 'conspiracy' going on..a pro-Ruben, anti-Clay conspiracy..coz the producers of the show wants Ruben to win becuz he is more marketable. Some say that basically, it comes down to the choice of either having a black, rotund, cuddly R&B male singer or a white, suspiciously gay male singer with a voice more suited for Broadway as the winner and the former seems to be the preferred option. Well, all this is of coz theorized by rabid Clay fans who thinks that the media and producers of AI and even the AI judges are biased. Apparently, in a recent ep of Entertainment Tonight, judges Randy and Paula expressed that they prefer & think that Ruben will be the next American Idol [which as judges, they shouldn't give their opinion..kinda unprofessional I think] ..apparently, they also showed a snippet of Ruben watching last week's show with his brother laughing at Clay's attempt at dancing. Hmm....I don't think that showed Ruben in a very positive light. really doesn't matter who wins coz both are gonna get recording deals anyway! I can't imagine them doing a movie ala Kelly & Justin tho, unless they are gonna make it a 'Laurel & Hardy' musical comedy..Both of them have singles coming up in June and it seems that Clay's single is already outselling Ruben's, based on pre-order sales on!

Hee..can't wait for the show tomorrow..Am sure I'm not gonna be able to resist and and will check the internet for news of the winner before the show starts here. Anyway, u can read here and here for the recap of their performance yesterday! So, who are u rooting for to be the next American Idol?

I'm rooting for Clay to be the next American Idol~~!!! Oh yeah, does anyone remember that Clay almost didn't make it to the finals..that he was a wildcard choice together with Kimberly C, Trenyce and *awk* Carmen..

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