May 24th, 2003



Hehe..terminalcase42, stephiechai & all the LJmummies, now's a good time to load up more baby/toddler stuff. Mothercare, John Little & Robinson are all having sale!!!! The sale at Mothercare was pretty good. Unfortunately, it's better if u have a li' girl *sigh*..same for the ones at JL too! So many pretty li' girls stuff..not enuff baby boys item Bah! But..I still managed to spend quite a bundle ~ Bought a playpen @60 bucks at JL, a few rompers & some other baby items at both JL & Mothercare hehe..*happy*

I'm amazed at the crowd whenever there's a sale going on..It was a Friday afternoon..I thought people would have been at work but Nooooooooo! Half of Singapore was at JL queuing from Level 1 to Level 4! It was hot and humid outside..It was hotter and more humid IN John Little..Aidan unfortunately didn't take too well to heat so he was grouchy again ..arghh! Our experience at JL didn't deter us from heading off to Centrepoint to check out Mothercare & Robinson though~

The worst part of it all was..I didn't buy anything for myself *weep*..Walked past Mango ..saw the big sale sign, gritted my teeth and headed for Robinson's Children Section instead .*arghh* I'm truly turning into an aunty!
Consolation to self..Mango clothes doesn't fit me anyway!

While I was at Max Brenner's doing the 'tai-tai' thingy with the LJ mummies on Thursday, my in-laws trotted down to the KiddyPalace at TP and bought the Bouncing Baby Play Place exersaucer as a gift for their grandson~*muakz* So dear Aidan now has something else to occupy him and thankfully, he seems to like it and spend quite a fair bit of time in it.. I think what he likes about it most is that he can 'stand' up finally without 'aid'.. He would adopt this 'look ma, no hands needed' stance ~

I'm King of the..err Exersaucer~
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If nothing goes wrong, I will be lepaking at Banyan Tree Bintan sometime in early or mid-June...*yippeeee*
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