May 29th, 2003


baby meet baby~

Took Aidan to the Little Gym trial session which you can read more about in Lily happyqile's livejournal..I tell you..I was so darn exhausted after that! Weak man! Us mummies basically tumbled around with our li' ones..galloping from left to right, stomping our feet to the music with them in our arms..Darn! This really shows how unfit I am. Joints are aching all over *arghh* Aidan was still hyper after the whole session *pantpant* I am indeed getting old!

Will update the pictures from the session later but I didn't take that many 'action' pix..Lily has more of such pictures in her journal..

*The below pix was taken when we were having our much needed sustenance at California's Pizza later~
**Gym/Lunch pix has been updated

When Aidan meets Kieroy [son of happyqile]</i>
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