June 2nd, 2003


shag dog~

Dad called me up this morning..and said.."Eh, just wanted to ask you..why are u so fat? U weren't that fat the last time I saw you!"

*Arghhh*..And was chatting with sis on MSN messenger this morning and she was giving more all kinds of advice to lose weight ..saying that order to ensure that my marriage stays 'alive' & healthy so that I must strive to be constantly attractive looking to my hubby..bah! Eh, wonder whether this should also apply to the other half in the marriage too coz most of the time, the hubbies are the one whose girth expands horizontally ...

Anyway , my ego had just taken a beating and methinks that I should really start dieting soon man..*sob*..flipover, meganmacy, what's that diet you guys were talking about?

Hmm..look who's in bed with Aidan :P~

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