June 6th, 2003


to the land of the rising sun?

Banyan Tree Bintan may not be happening.. Instead, hubby is suggesting either a trip to Australia or Japan - without Aidan tho..just the two of us~

Japan sounds so tempting 'coz suaku me have never been there before....decisions, decisions..

Foot Reflexology anyone?

Swimming is definitely good for both Aidan & me :) Brought him down to the pool again today..And just like yesterday, after the swim and his meal (@6pm), he will doze off easily and nap till 9+ , have his last meal of the day @10pm and zzz the night away. So, I got the entire evening to myself again...hmm, not sure whether I should encourage this..but I guess I should treasure all the zzz times of his since he will definitely sleep less as he gets older...

He has also learnt how to do a complete flipover - from back to front n front to back. So before he sleeps, I'll see him flopping to his belly..suck his fingers and then to his back , continue sucking his finger and this will go on till he gets tired and settle down in the position of choice..and suck his finger to sleep. I get kinda dizzy watching him do that...
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