July 4th, 2003


My turn...bleah~

Bah....didn't know Aidan's bug was so strong..my cough has gotten worse, my nose seems completely block cept for the constant 'dripping' of mucus.. , my throat is really sore and irritated, my joints ache and to make matters worse, I got fong mow!! Hate it when that happens..my whole body, especially my thighs will break out into rashes and it itches like crazy ...M.u.s.t...N.o.t...S.c.r.a.t.c.h.!

Yeah..I should make my way to the doctor's soon..waiting for my dad-in-law to come..but am wondering whether it's good to have Aidan with me there coz he hasn't fully recovered yet too. If his phlegmy cough and stuck nose still persists, I may have to go to the paed to ask for the nebuliser..

Aidan's been sleepin and nursing really well now that he's sick ...I love it that I'm able to put him to sleep so easily by just nursing him till he becomes drunk with milk that he'll get so groggy and falls into deep sleep :D.. He's still a hyper li' thing when he's awake tho~

Best sight for a sick mummy....


Well, at least my second attempt at cooking for baby was successful :D..Yeah, having the slowcooker helped..so easy eh! I tried it and it actually taste pretty nice and nua..even without salt..Hope Aidan appreciates the effort..:D~
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