August 15th, 2003


a fatty's old clothes~

Hubby has commanded me to start clearing all my old clothes so that the wardrobe won't be overflowing with clothes..My clothes alone have filled up the closets in both ours and Aidan's room and most of the ironed stuff [clothes that I wear the most often] are lying on top of the folded up sofa bed.

But..I'm so reluctant to throw them away. Most of them are still in very good condition though I'm about 2-3 sizes too big for them now :(..I can't believe that a year ago, I could still wear most of them. I know I'm probably a little unrealistic to think that I'll fit into them after I've lost enough weight but in spite of my 'exercising', I don't seem to be losing much pounds and getting any slimmer...

I guess I can probably give some of the nicer stuff to my maid or set up a booth at Tanglin Mall and try to peddle some of it. The worst I think are some of the nicer evening dresses...some are really beautiful and expensive and hardly worn. Arghh...

So should I either give/throw them away or keep them for another 6 more months and hopefully lose weight by then...~


Very boliao today..took a video of him drinking his milk on his own :D...
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