September 2nd, 2003


his first lantern :)

Aidan fishing for Nemo..
(yeah, very blur n grainy coz I took it w/out flash)

Bought Aidan a Nemo Lantern from Holland Village, when I was there this afternoon with ashleyneo, bbhome, koalababy and sonday for tea at Foster's..It was one of those inflatable type with battery operated lights and cheesy music (tune of 'It's a small world')..Was intending to make the lantern soundless but realise that Aidan was more attracted to it with the music bopienz, no matter how irritating the music is, as long as the wee one likes it, I'll tahan *cringe*..[things we do for our babies hehe]

Actually, this isn't his first lantern..his grandma bought him one small li' one and gave it to him on Sunday but he erm, destroyed it coz it was really flimsy..*sigh*..

Video(s) of the day :
Taken today : Aidan pulling himself to stand on the cot..and going after his lantern -Small file/Big file
Taken yesterday : Here's a cute video of Aidan laughing hysterically (especially sinced he always looks soooooo stern most of the time) -Small file/Big file
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