September 3rd, 2003


Bucky n Aidan :)

Aidan's new monkey pal (got him at HV yesterday)..I shall name him Bucky after the cat :)

First Contact....

Kindred Spirits

Yeah..I'm bored :P~
The wee one's napping and I'm so tempted to join him but I had such a full lunch and I know it ain't good to sleep with a full tummy *sigh*

Standing Up without Support :)

Didn't wanna start a new entry coz this is a short update..

Aidan attempted to stand on his own, without support this evening..He was 'prancing' about in his cot and somehow managed to stand up with his body facing inwards towards the cot with support by holding onto the cot rails with his hands behind him (he usually stands up facing outwards)..And then suddenly, he just released his hands with his palms facing upwards and stood for about 3 whole seconds with a look of astonishment on his face..and whump, he fell forward, fallin on his mattress..physically unhurt but with his ego bruised..

Didn't cry much coz we laughed at him :P. We realised that instead of fussing about when he falls during his 'walking' attempts, laughing and chatting with him after he picked himself up works better coz he will forget abt his 'pain' and decide not to cry afterall ..Sometimes, he even laughs with us. This bugger is pretty hardy li' boy :)

yeah, 3 seconds may not seem like a long time but for a first time standing w/out support, it's enough for me :)
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