September 8th, 2003


i hate housework!

On the way back from a friend's place a few days ago after a mahjong game, hubby commented "How nice eh..having a maid to keep the house so clean throughout the day!"..He was referring to his pal's abode, which was extremely neat even with 2 young boys in the house..

Okay..I ain't too sure but I think he was hinting that my housekeeping skills needed some improvement...I gotta admit, I'm not exactly the neatest person around. My place is the cleanest on Friday afternoon..that's when Lorna comes in to clean it. By Sunday, the apartment is all messy again...with Aidan's toys scattered all over the floor, newspapers and magazines thrown on the floor, some torn to bits by dear Aidan, cushions tossed about..

I don't know how some SAHMs do it..they clean, they scrub, they cook, they sew, they take good care of their kid..and some have more than one kid. I only have one child, I get lunch brought to me every weekday, I don't need to cook dinner and a part-time maid comes in on Fridays to clean the house and on Saturdays to iron the clothes and yet, I still can't manage to keep the house neat...! Bleah!
The Living Room :Before Aidan/After Aidan

Aidan in his bedroom, after Lorna has cleaned it :)

Video of the day : Aidan Exercising :) big file/small file
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