September 18th, 2003


Day 3 at New York :)

heh..It's 1am in the morning and I'm using the hotel's internet booth..had been using it for the past few days to catch up on everyone's LJ but coz it cost USD2 for the first 20minutes and 1 buck for every subsequent minute, I don't really have the time to do any updates or comment on the LJs..This evening at Times Square, we spotted an internet cafe and promptly went in to buy 2 coupons so that both of us could sip our hot chocolate/latte and do some major surfing....

Hurricane Isabel is supposed to hit this friday ~ *whoohoo*..Now I understand how meganmacy felt when HK was issued the typhoon warning. So exciting..our first hurricane! Hmm..funny that natural 'disasters' seems to follow us in our holidays. The last time we were in Las Vegas, they had an earthquake and we'd actually slept tru it *bah*..Surprising that with a hurricane looming close, it's not raining much at New York at all and the weather's wonderfully cool and the nights are not cold nor windy at all!

Hmm..great but tiring day today! Went to the Empire State Building in the early afternoon, watched a movie (American Wedding) and then caught the musical Aida in the evening. We had fabulous seats (8th from the front and right in the centre) and Toni Braxton was playing the role of Aida..Hubby kept on insisting that if Aida was pronounced 'Arh-yee-dah', then Aidan should be pronounced 'Arh-yee-darn' *roll eyes* Anyway, Braxton was great..though she was more R&B than broadway I felt..Managed to take some great pix of her during the curtain calls.

Oh bleddy sick of American food..yecks. Too much potatoes and meat..not much finesse! Hopefully, we'll be getting some quality steak when Michelletinymich bring us to this steak place on friday..Met with moonberry yesterday too..She brought us to this fab Jap/Brazilian restaurant called Sushi Samba..According to Michelle, it's one of the joints visited by the SATC bunch in one of the eps..(trust her to know that!!)..

Hmmm..haven't done much shopping yet so I'm really looking forward to Macy's & Bloomingdales' this Friday and Woodbury with Mich this Saturday. Missing Aidan like crazy and have been calling back just so that I can hear him squeal at me. Mom-in-law told me that he's been pawing her chest pretty often so I reckon that he misses me too heh~

Oooh..gotta go. My 20 minutes is up now~ taaaa~~

P/S : Oh yeah, I had a celeb sighting on the streets on the first night I was in New York. Saw Lucy Liu walking along 8th Avenue with this blonde guy..:)
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