September 19th, 2003


housekeepin matters..

a)bbhome, the stuff arrived today..but the box it came in is HUGE!! I'd opened up mine and realised that most of it is wasted space coz it merely contains the cards. Is it okay that I discard ur box too and just bring the cards back? Lemme know.

b)cario, bought ur dark chocolates already ya 2 packets..! One for you, one for Christopher!!

c)sonday, sorry..couldn't find the VCDs and I don't think u want DVDs eh?

d)terminalcase42, gonna collect ur stuff from Mich tomorrow..will pay for them first :)

e) Sharon, if u are reading this, will be leavin for Las Vegas on Monday and will look out for the magnets then..

f) moxielass, will be goin to the factory outlet tomm..will look out for the u-know-wat for ya :)

Any more last minute requests, lemme know soon~! Don't sms me coz it takes over 6 hours plus for the message to get tru..Taa~~~~
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