October 3rd, 2003


baby pasta :)

hee..my first attempt at cooking pasta for Aidan..

The paste is made from a mix of mashed up steamed pumpkin and tomatoes, boiled carrots and potatoes..Couldn't find any ABC pasta so decided to use the shell pasta instead..bbhome, thanks for ur recipe and instructions :D~

When I told hubby about it, he started whining saying that Aidan gets to eat my cooking more than he does and that the li' bugger also got nicer clothes than him (hmm..how did cooking turn into clothings hehe). I told him that I did cook for him before but he had told me that it would be less troublesome if he buys home food instead..He argued that he'd said that coz I'd always insisted that he does the dishes! Said that if he doesn't need to wash the dishes [like Aidan], I can cook for him everyday..hmmmmmmm....

Oh yeah, I have some LJ codes to give away..Lemme know if any of u guys need any :)
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