November 27th, 2003


D-Day Numero Uno~

Day 1 of dieting went okay..Made the mistake of skipping breakfast so I was really starving by lunchtime and the yong toufu soup I had didn't appease my rumbling tummy. Had to drink lotsa water to make myself feel full..Had a boiled egg as a light snack later and felt much' better. Ate some peanuts in the evening too.

But dinner was yummy. meganmacy gave me this grilled codfish recipe which sounded so delicious that I had to try it out immediately..I didn't have an oven so I tried using my toaster which is like a pseudo-oven to grill it..I think I overdid on the 'dressing' up of the meal by putting the cherry tomatoes on the pan too (instead of just having it on the fish) and sprinkled the parmesan and mozarella cheese a li' too liberally. And the pan was somewhat beng koak so it was tilting to the left and all the olive oil gravitated to the left side of the pan..

After abt 15 minutes of grilling, the codfish wasn't a pretty sight.., the basil leaves on top of it were all blackened and the tomatoes weren't very cherry looking..and I think the cheese/ tomatoes which laid on the right side of the pan caught fire for a while coz there wasn't much olive oil there [aiyah, should have taken a pic of it]..But the codfish itself looked edible still. And I was so darn hungry that I would have eaten it if it was totally blackened. Prepared a side dish of chef salad and then tried my own cooking. The codfish tasted delicious!! I think it was the basil leaves and the cheese that made the dish! And I'm still feeling full now. I guess it's time to buy a 'real' oven!

Okay, I need more recipes to last me for the next 2 weeks :D~~

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