December 11th, 2003


balukoo x2

Baby fell off the bed ..he's okay and was still energetic and hyper..It's the first time he bruised so much so it freaked me out initially..there's even a li' hole (like a mark a pencil tip makes on ur skin) on one of his balukoo..Thanks to those moms (u know who u are) who calmed me down and advised me on what to do..He's sleeping now after he had finished watching his Wheels of the Bus video..</b>

Edited : Hmm..did I sound like I was very anxious in this entry? I was trying not to coz I really wasn't frantic or anything..just said that the bruise looks bad but I know it is not as bad as it looks and I know I'm not over-reacting in anyway..Well, mebbe I did panic a little when I saw the 2 big bumps on his head initially but it has subsided into 2 nasty scratch instead and he's definitely okay..Eating & sleeping well :)
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