December 23rd, 2003


no more a baby...

Looking back at all my must seem like we've have been really doting parents..or some say, that we are pampering our li' one? Hmm...I don't think I've been overly indulgent with him. I think I'm indulging myself more. As parents, we do strive to give our child the best and yes, the best may not necessarily be bought with money..that I acknowledge. I admit, I tend to splurge a lot on him..clothes, books (most of the toys weren't bought by me)..But I think more importantly, I've cared and love him as much as any mom can love her child.

It's scary at times,the feelings I have for him ..a mom's unconditional love. It's the type of love that u really won't think twice about throwin urself at a speeding car so that ur child would not get hit by it..In short, I will give my life for him. I really never thought I'm capable of loving someone that much..because honestly,I'm quite a self-centred person.

He turns one year old today! My boy is a baby no more. I do miss his baby days..I miss him being small and passive in my that I can cuddle him the whole day. But I do enjoy him as a toddler now too, seeing him learn how to walk and talk..and he's so able to interact with us better, and can manja with me at times too.I admit I love it when he shows preference towards me when given the choice between hubby, in-laws and and moi..

Pretty soon..he will be a li' boy no more. But for the moment, I must enjoy and treasure this period of time when his mom is the centre of his world. Because one day, he'll not want me to hold his hands, cuddle and kiss him anymore...

I love you Aidan.Happy Birthday li' boy :)

Aidan at 0.5 day old (on the 23rd Dec 2002) weighin in at 2.77kg and 51cm

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