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Happy Birthday Ryan & Gabe :)

This is why Aidan ♥ birthday parties so much :)

Check out the plate in his hand..he's so prepared to eat the awesome looking cake!
Not surprisingly, he had a great time at Ryan & Gabriel's birthday on Sunday.. He was busy checking out the indoor playground - the ball-tent, the playslide and rocking horse but what kept me the most occupied was the stickers. And he seemed to be enamoured by Liam, one of the older boys there. Kept on following him around the whole afternoon. Liam's the boy in the pink top in the pics.

Here's the pics from the party that day..bbhome, jinsiew, let me know if you want any of the pics. Will email them to you :)

Wondering how we should celebrate Aidan's birthday party this year. He had such a grand bash last year..ain't sure whether we should do something similar or make it a simplier one instead. Was thinking of a bbq/pool party but it's gonna be the monsoon season then and the party may get rained in..Well, we've got 2+ months to plan so I'm sure we'll figure out something by then :)

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