January 30th, 2004


well hung .., i mean sung :)

Especially for the AI fanatics :

This fella's performance was certainly the water cooler topic of the day..Most people couldn't stop talking abt him @yesterday's American Idol. Some smart fella actually took his audition and added in the She Bang music to it and you'll be amazed at the accuracy of his pitch while singing acapella.. Check it out :)

Trust me..when u listen to it, u can't help but smile..I think after a while, people stopped laughing at him and many grew to like (and admire) him :D~

You can also find his AI audition videoclip, his mp3 and tons of pictures here ...It's a site created by his fans~

Add ons :-
theoi just gave me the link to a clip of Will's audition. Here it is... U need the latest Realplayer to be able to view it.

Go here if u wanna view the videoclip of 'Like a Virgin' Keith, the one Simon dubbed the worst singer in America in AI2..[but oh well, he's been calling loads of people that too heh]
Go here to view clips of the best and worst of the auditions according to USA Today..Mr Pen Salesman and the lightning/thunder lady are all there!

Oh and do u know that the Asian guy, Bao Viet Nguyen baozer who made it to Hollywood has a livejournal too. Really cool coz u get to read an insider's pov of his experience as one of the auditioners!
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