February 17th, 2004


walk walk mum mum~~

I've been hesitating to say that Aidan is finally walking because he hasn't really been that steady of his feet. For the past month or so, all is does is that he'll stand upright on his own and just take at most 1 or 2 baby steps..and then plomp, he'll land on his butt and decides to crawl instead. We usually let him be since the li' bugger has a mind of his own..

Even yesterday's clip where he was playing with the ball, he still isn't that confident.But today, I decided to try enticing him with food, since it worked on Carine rexkids's Jonathon [especially since Aidan loves to eat as much as Jon)..Lo n behold..it worked!! The greedy one could walk a further distance and seems more 'zai' on his feet. I guess it's coz his mind was focused on getting the treat :) He was going mummummummum as he made his way towards me..I think I can declare now that Aidan looks as if he's ready to walk on his own two feet..@1 year, 1 month+++ old!
Video clip of walkie walk :)

pictures grabbed from the video
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