April 5th, 2004



Did any of u caught Eye for a Guy? [what a blatant rip-off of QE's title] It's not bad, considering it's a local production and a reality show (esp compared to Are you Lame Game)... Yeah, FHM bikini girl - Rachel's a babe but she came across as a li' stiff and uncomfortable..It was the guys who made the show. They were so bitchy and weren't afraid to show their true feelings about their competitors on camera.. And best of all, some of them were eye-candy esp Mark Zee *slurp*. I knew Edgar was gonna get voted out today..I mean, what's with those weird gay jokes?!! I was surprised Vincent was kicked out though (but then again, it's rumoured he's not interested in girls. Could be someone playing a prank though..)

Next week's ep will be interesting. The trailer shows the group of them at Igor's and the guys strutting around on stage, topless and the emcee (I think that's Calvin Tan, who was in the news lately for going a li' overboard) asking them to erm..pull down their pants~~

Heh..Monday's gonna be another pure tv night for me with this show and America's Top Model~ *arghh*

I watch way too much tv !*sigh*
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