October 8th, 2004



Was dad-in-law's birthday yesterday so I had to sacrifice my ritualistic Thursday Singapore Idol tv-watching..Came home and I quickly switched on the tv ..which was a truly bad timing coz it was Jerry's turn then and ain't pretty sight seeing him squatting down, croaking away. Thought he was about to crap on stage. And then Maia came on..and man..she was off tonite too. Was she like a beat slower in her delivery? And by the time it was Leandra's turn, we had to cut the cake so hubby muted the tv (*sob*) and I could only hear the birthday song [I swear we sang it better than Jerry]..

Received smses from friends that Sylvester sang well and so I gleefully played the tape which I'd used to record the show..and horrors! Blank! Nothing was recorded! *arghhh* Of all days for this to happen! I gave hubby the evil eye because when the machine wasn't wired up properly the last time, it was his duty to fix it up..Hubby quickly pointed the finger at the wee one. Tai jee master claimed that the latter had been throwing all kinda stuff down the tv cabinet and that could have caused the VCR to go bonkers again. And right on cue, Aidan had to grab his piggy and threw it behind the tv cabinet, turned to me and gave me a wide cheesey grin! *arghhhhhhhhhhbangheadonwall*

Thankfully, a colleague taped it and she'll lend me the tape later so I'll get to watch it then. Meanwhile, will have to depend on LJ and forums for reviews of the show. Oh, there's this site which has one of the snarkiest critique of Singapore Idol..Really good writing! Can't wait to see his take on today's ep. (don't forget to check out the archives for his comments on the previous eps)

Supposed to have drinks with people from SPH magazines later in the afternoon. Apparently,every Fri at abt 5pm, the magazine pple have a R&R session where they'll bond and catch up over drinks. I think my EVP arranged that some of us (quite a small group - about 5) would meet up with the heads over there and hopefully, we'll manage to impress them somehow and they'll offer jobs to soon-mebbe-will-be-unemployed people like us.

Honestly, I'll prefer to work in tv than magazines if given the choice. But oh well, I should consider myself fortunate if I can still get a job. But I'm not really placing much hopes in this 'get-together'. It's afterall not an interview..just an opportunity for us to mingle with the people there so that they'll get to know us a li' better..and mebbe earn some pity votes. Okay, shan't be so pessimistic :P Must think positive!

We should know by the end of the month whether we'll have a place at MCTV..It's been said that the list from both sides have been prepared but the reps from both companies will have to sit together and peruse tru the entire list and make further amendments to it. Hopefully, it'll be done soon. Morale's been really low although sponsorships have been selling like hot cakes that some of the people commented that it's almost like closing-down sale or stock clearance! We've already hit our targets for the next 3 months so at least, we'll definitely be getting our monthly incentives so at least there will be extra moolah for us plus the 13th month we'll receive at the end of the year. And more dough if we get retrenched..:P

Heh, and anyone who has kangtao for jobs, do let me know too :)
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