November 4th, 2004


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I was rather touched when I read Kenerf's latest entry and knowing that my 'motherhood monologues' as how he termed it has affected him in a way.. Most of you would know that I've started this LJ in October of 2002, primarily to ramble about my pregnancy as I was then unemployed and bored and waiting for the birth of the wee one..As my entries and picture gallery grew, so did the no. of LJ friends I've made, some of whom had followed my journey tru motherhood from the beginning till now. I've written a total of 460 entries, including this one,of which about 90% is about my Aidan, posted 10,722 comments and received a total of 16,766. Interesting stats which I'd never looked at before.I admit, I do relish the fact that there are people there who enjoys reading my journals even though it ain't exactly witty like xiaxue's or intellectual & funny like mrbrown's. Sometimes, I suspect people reads my journal just to ogle at the latest pic of Aidan :)

While looking back at some of my older entries, I realised that I used to write with more wit and creativity. I seemed to have lost it now..with most of my post being somewhat perfunctory ..I wonder why..could it be because I'd started work and therefore more brain dead? Actuallly, my english has deteriorated quite a bit too. My grammar can be truly atrocious at times and sometimes, I find myself having problems forming sentences..*arghh*. To think that I used to score As for my english and Lit..I thought writing more was supposed to improve one's writing skills..clearly not so..

The whole family including my in-laws will be heading for Goldcoast this Saturday. Initially, I was thinking of cancelling the trip in view of the current state of my employment but after being 'played out' so many times [yes, we've heard that the release date of the list would probably be much later], I decided heck it lah..why get bogged down by work stuff and have a good holiday..I'm sure Aidan would definitely enjoy feeding the dolphins at the Tangalooma Resort and the various other attractions there eg. Sea World, Movie World etc.. Me..I'm wondering whether there are any factory outlets in Goldcoast which I can go visit during one of our 'free' days there [yeah, I'm such a typical Singaporean tourist]..

I asked Nenita whether she would like to return to Philipines during the period that we won't be around (about 9 days plus)..I offered to pay for her airfare. Initially, I'd thought that she would jump at the opportunity to go home to see her son but strangely, she was quite subdued. She said that she'll think about it. Later, she approached me and asked whether i was happy with her work. She said she was worried because 2 of her friends had similar offers from their employers and when they were back in Philipines, the employers cancelled their work permit! [so evil!]

I quickly assured her that this wasn't the case and that I just wanted a win-win situation for us.. and that it never crossed my mind to terminate her contract. You should have seen the look of relief on her face. Honestly, so far..Nenita has been a good maid..she cares for Aidan well, my apartment is kept clean, our clothes are washed and nicely ironed, hubby is pleased with the way the car is washed..I really have nothing to complain about. Even hard to please mom-in-law finds her performance satisfactory which is considered good since mom is really fussy. Anyway, she declined the offer still as she said she wanted to save more money so that she'll have more goodies to bring to them when she visits her family after her 2 year contract is over.

One of my worry though is that should I really not have a job by early next year, I may be forced to let her go.. And if that happens, I really hope I can find her a good employer..and I'll definitely be giving her a solid reference then..But, let's just hope I'll still be employed then...

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