May 28th, 2005


*phew* GSS has started! so glad that the SPH GSS campaign has finally kicked off but still loads of work has to be done to sustain the promotion. This year, we have more participating outlets and better prizes too especially with the Subaru Forester as the grand prize. The Forester display at Wisma is finally up after reworking on the design.Thought it came out looking okay. Actually saw some Jap tourist taking pics with the car display when I was inspecting the site early on Thurs morning. Had initially wanted to do a safari theme but it had to be scrapped becuz the original layout was rejected by we just 'downsize' the design and it ended with just the animals. But heh..zebras are probably quite popular now with Magadascar premiering this week..

sooo cute..but the movie was quite disappointing lah :P

Still gotta start planning the events for the 2 'live' draws where the big prizes like the Subaru Forester & Impreza together with load of other prizes to be given away.*Argh* Noticed a spelling error in the press release that was issued. Shucks..also realised SRA hasn't updated some of the prize info in their website too. Must make sure it's changed on Monday!

Anyway..shoo shoo..go shop!

And finally, I was able to go home early and spend more time with the li' one after a few weeks of late nights at the office.

isn't he lovely :)

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