July 23rd, 2005


f.e.e.l.i.n.g. o.l.d..

I turn 36 today. Was born in the summer of 69 :D..

I do feel my age. Maybe it's because of my rather hectic schedule at work that's making me mentally and physically shack. I look back at my life and wonder what I've accomplished so far and the report card ain't looking that great. Can't believe I will be hitting 40 in a mere 4 years time. Scary shit. Aidan will be 3 yrs old end of this year and by the time I'm 50, he's gonna be 16 which means we have to slog for a while more to ensure we have enough dough to complete his tertiary education. Honestly, that's why I'm quite hesitant about having another child. Age is one major factor..plus our finances too. We'll definitely be more comfortable if we just have one child to worry about (or I can buy less shoes :P).

Life's been okay so far I guess..can't really complain. I know my blog gives the impression that I'm blissfully happy & everything's ladida which isn't always the case. Pictures of nice holidays and cute mugs of Aidan doesn't mean everything's rosy all the time.. But life's like that - full of ups & downs and you just gotta take take it one day at a time..

Thanks to those who'd called/smsed. Gonna spend a lazy afternoon with the family (although everyone's napping now) and later, dinner with good pals & night out with the ladies :D~ Looking forward to it! :)

idiotic hairstylist cut Aidan's hair so short..no wonder he's looking so TL :P

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