November 1st, 2005



I used to blog a lot abt tv..but I've not been watching it much nowadays. Used to be such a major couch potato.! It's just that I have lesser time now devoted to the tube due to work commitments. I can still remember the time when watching tv felt like homework as I would be scrutinising the trailers (occupational hazard) and once in a while, I'll spot a cockup and would start calling the scheduler's mobile and praying that the sponsors weren't at home! Watching tv then wasn't that fun coz it was so stressful. But when I had lotsa time to myself after I quit my job, I basically watched tv and dvds the whole day long and scour thru the internet to see what new shows the US/HK networks have to offer.

The only tv show that had gotten me really hyped up this season is Project Runway hosted by the gorgeous Heidi Klum (supermodel and wife of singer, Seal).
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