February 20th, 2006


Ms face-cannot-make-it~

Last Thursday at abt 3pm.

My phone rang and Dawn Wei, one of the subs for TNP was on the line..

D : Chabor, heard from Jeanmarie that you're wearing a nice skirt today (one of the rare times that I wore a skirt to work)..
A (puzzled): Errr...didn't realised JM saw what I wore since I didn't see her when I was at the TNP floor..hmm, why?
D : Need a favour..can u help us with a photoshoot?
A : Eh? Sure or not?
D : Yah lah! You got nice body, nice legs! Can lah!
A : Errrr..I got 5 cents/10 cents on my legs leh!
D : We can always D/I it out..And don't worry, we won't be showing your face!!

Alamak!! Face cannot make it that's why! I agreed to help them with the photoshoot since Dawn Wei has been such a dearie helping me with loads of writeup for my promos (the 'original Ms Cosmo' backed out last minute 'coz her boss didn't allow her to be profiled). The photoshoot took abt 10 mins max! Was kinda fun especially since the photographer, Jonathan was such a pro. It was probably easier for him since I was covering my face with the mag :P.

I didn't see the pic till today at work. But yesterday afternoon, I received this sms from valskaJoan "Aunty, Are you Ms Cosmo in today's TNP?" I didn't tell anyone abt the photoshoot so I was kinda surprised. Asked her how she knew that it was me. "Recognise the hair and where you wear the watch" she replied..Fwah, this woman's very sharp!

See lah! Waist so thick! That's the result of all that bingeing during Xmas & CNY!
(the legs were definitely touched up)

Here's the online version of the article
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