April 15th, 2006


not again..

Aidan : Mammeee..what sound does a giraffe make?
Me : Errrr....err..(??)

Darn..i had no friggin idea. Neither did hubby. Time to google.
(Aidan wanted to know so that he could say giraffe in Old Macdonald had a farm)

Going to the zoo on Good Friday morning wasn't a good idea since
a) almost everyone else (with children) was there..
b) it rained cats and dogs *sigh*
Oh well, at least Aidan got to see the giraffes! He's been wanting to see the long necked animal for the longest time.

Wanted to color my hair since the whites are showing again (yes, I'm aging *sob*) so hubby dropped me off at Compass Point and headed home with a sleepy Aidan. And I was 'Tanya-ed'. Again. Lately, strangers have been mistaking me for her. No idea why. Most of the time, it's just people telling me that I looked like her. But the last 4 occasions including today, people actually thought I was her! Once was at City Link where someone yelled out "Tanya" really loudly and ran to me joyfully (I swore that really happened) and almost wanted to kissy kissy me till I quickly stopped him.. Another occasion was at a jewellery shop. I was window shopping and one of the sales staff kept smiling and giving me tiny waves through the glass window. And then he approached me when I was checking out a pair of earrings. He starred at me..which unnerved me a li' but I decided to ask about the price of the item. He blinked and exclaimed "Oops..sorry. I thought you were Tanya Chua. Have anyone told you that you look really like her?". Gah.

Hmm..is there really such a strong resemblance? I still don't think so. But I don't mind having her talent though :P
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