May 4th, 2006



This conversation took place while we were on our way to work and we were driving past those election lamp-post banners...

Hubby : So Aidan, what do you prefer? Lightning..or Hammer?
Aidan *long pause* : I want hammer! I like hammer!

So hammer it shall be! It may be our last opportunity to exercise our vote since we'll be moving out of Hougang soon. Am glad to have this opportunity actually (we did get to vote at the last election too).

Man..I'm confused. My place is under the Hougang SMC.. Just 10m to our left, it's Aljunied GRC, 10m to our right is the Tampines GRC, I haven't driven past Paya Lebar/Lor Ah Soo so I'm not sure whether that falls under another constituency..must go check.

i hope you don't think we're voting because of Aidan's preference! If the symbol was a rocket ship or some animal, he would have chosen that I'm sure :P


Recently, my white MP,
Kok on my door, and very kek ki..
Say ‘I’ve worked so hard, so vote for me,
‘Or rubbish won't be cleared, in your vicinty'..

I said ‘Dear MP of my GRC,
‘Dun remember u, so please pardon me..
I only saw you on TV’,
Dozing off and jiak liao bee’..

Last GE I voted for thee,
2% up in GST..
Cut CPF and up utility,
Are still very clear in my memory..

5 years later, then you come to me,
Fresh from your slumber of ivory..
Say that only, you can help me,
Escape from a life of poverty..

Just take a drive on CTE,
Count the number, of all the gantries..
Or squeeze a ride on the MRT,
That has not been cleared for ye..

My life since the last GE,
Has been downhill though I voted PAP..
If I vote the same for your sleeping spree,
I can expect the same misery..

So this time round, I vote for somebody,
Who will kachiao you, to productivity..
Forms fill wrong, no big deal to me,
If there’s someone to speak up for ah bee..

So dear MP of GRC,
If life no improve, vote u cho simi?

from Ong Ah Bee