May 8th, 2006



Low Thia Kiang was up bright and early this morning going around Hougang, thanking the residents for their support. The pickup truck drove by my condo and I had a glimpse of the man through my window as he was shouting out thank you messages through the loud hailer. I waved enthusiastically at him and he smiled and waved back at me. I'm glad my vote counted. It made my day somehow and I was in high spirits.

Just a few hours ago, I read that James Gomez has been detained at the airport just when he was leaving for Sweden. No..he wasn't trying to escape the country. He was leaving for a job posting there..something that had already been planned and it was a job he was willing to give up should WP win Aljunied. But his passport was impounded and he was brought to the police station as 'someone' from the Elections Dept had launched an official complaint against him..for criminal intimidation.

My heart sunk. I just couldn't believe what I read on the net. Switched on the tv and a newscaster was reporting about it too... The sickening feeling in my stomach stayed there the entire evening. It's affecting me more than I thought it would. It actually made me wish that I could pack up and leave this country together with my family..And I've always maintained before this that Singapore is a place I would live in for the rest of my life. I should go get some sleep but I don't think I will feel any better tomorrow.

Quote from Low Thia Kiang "Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the will to act in spite of it."