May 13th, 2006



We entered the lift leading to our apartment from the lobby and there was already a family of 4 comprising of a couple in their 50s, a lady and a young girl aged abt 12. "Any space?", the li' one asked and they promptly made way for us. As usual, when there are strangers, Aidan would be extremely well-behaved and he stood at the corner of the lift and smiled at them sweetly (if he was alone with us, he'll be jumping up and down like a monkey).

"So pretty!!" the older lady exclaimed. "Such beautiful eyes and lashes and a sharp chin!" "Boy or Girl?" queried the younger lady, whom I presumed to be the mother of the teenage girl.

Huh?! Boy or Girl? Used to get that a lot when he was a baby but I thought he's too samseng now to be mistaken for a female. Aidan was wearing a polo-tee and cargo pants. I thought there shouldn't be any doubt of his gender. I guess it's probably his hair. Gotta get his locks shorn soon!

but I do like guys with longish hair =)
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