November 3rd, 2006


with this ring~

"N.,take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the HolySpirit." —from the Roman Catholic Rite of Marriage"

Honestly, I've never thought about this much till I read Sesame's post..Thought it would be interesting to have your opinion on the wearing of the wedding band. I think I could be one of the minority group of married woman who seldom wears her wedding ring. Usually, the husbands are the one who try to avoid wearing it citing reasons like "it would get lost when I play golf/I'll scratch/ruin it/too tight lah!. I wore it the most during my first year of marriage and it was a very conscious act for me because I'm not exactly a 'ring' person. Necklaces & earrings - yes..rings & I stopped wearing it for a while when I got pregnant abt 4 years ago as my fingers [along with the rest of my body] swelled up to double their original size. It was only about 1 1/2 years back that the ring was able to slide pass the knuckle of my wedding-band finger. I was delirously happy then..not because I could finally wear the ring, but because it proved that I'd [finally] lost most of the weight I'd gained during my pregnancy. My other half wears it most of the time. He only takes it off together with his watch when he comes home. In a way, I'm kinda flattered that he does make an effort to do so..but he's also said that it's sort of a habit already.

I know some people view the ring as a sign of commitment, affection and fidelity to the other half..and by not wearing it, one could be trying to give the impression that they are single and available. But to me, what's more important is the couple's commitment to each other. The ring is only a jewelry..and at most, a symbol of the marriage..but it isn't what makes a couple married. A ring isn't going to stop anyone from it the wearer or the tempter. And I know of some women who actually finds married men more attractive so letting your husband wear the ring may not be a good idea afterall (joking hor!) :P

But maybe, I should get myself this 'Remember Ring'...

Apparently, 24 hours before the wearer's anniversary, the Remember Ring’s “hot spot” will heat up to120º F, for about ten seconds every hour! ALL. DAY. LONG.But I gotta first remember to wear it :P

Oh,but I did [remember to] wear my ring on our wedding anniversary dinner at Morton's this year =)