June 20th, 2007


cooking mama..not!

I wish I know how to cook..

Hmm, actually I can cook, just not very well. Was forced to learn how to cook when I was studying overseas and had to take turns with the housemates to make dinner. I'd almost set the kitchen ablaze on one occasion. Did something really duh. I'd placed the electric kettle on the stove thinking that all kettles must be exactly like the one I used at home. The kettle caught fire and thankfully, my housemates were around to help me put it out! Word soon got around and I got teased quite abit about my kitchen skills :P

When I was a stay-at-home mom, I tried to be a good wifey and made dinner as often as I could. After a few months or so, the other half waved the white flag and suggested rather diplomatically that he would tarpao food home everyday so that I could 'relax'. Oh well, at least I tried. I think Aidan suffered the most..When he was able to eat solids, I prepared the same broccoli and fish porridge almost every weekday (we eat out during the weekends) for almost a year. Thankfully, the boy wasn't as particular as his dad and wallop everything up happily. And his favourite veg is still broccoli :P I'm really blessed that I have a child that ♥ food! Watching him eat is such a joy :D

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