June 22nd, 2007


more than meets the eye~

Aidan's gonna be over the moon! Just saw these tickets to the Gala Premiere of Transformers on my desk.

The boy has been hyperventilating whenever the trailers for the Transformers movie appears on TV. In fact, when we brought him to watch Fantastic Four last weekend, he grabbed my hands excitedly when he saw the trailer for the first time and when the yellow car transformed into the Autobot Bumblebee, he squealed "my car! my car!" (yes, he has a bumblebee along with his massive collection of autobots & decipticons - courtesy of birthday pressies). Heh, I like that they kept the transformer theme song in the movie "Transformer - more than meets the eye, robots in disguise". Hm, the ratings for the movie aren't out yet though. Hope it doesn't get a R rating or the poor boy will be disappointed. Yeah, movie has been rated PG-13! Heh, I think only guys and parents of boys are so looking forward to this movie!

You must check this out! Transformer Cosplay!!
from genetonic