October 12th, 2007


i need zzzZZZzzzzz!

Believe it or not, I've not slept since Wednesday afternoon! That's like more than 48 hours without sleep! I'm feeling like a zombie man!

Was down with the chills on Monday evening and by Tuesday, my flu became full blown which meant that I had to cancel our anniversary dinner *sigh*. Went to the doc who gave me 2 days MC. Doc gave me antibiotics (tidact/clindamycin), paracetamol, cough syrup (benadryl) and something to gargle for my sorethroat. The meds made me groggy and I slept like a log on Tues and Wed, waking at 12 noon. Had a runny nose then so I looked through my medicine cabinet and found some Zrtec-D tablets and took it with my other meds. That night, I tossed and turned on my bed. I was really tired but my mind was so active and I just couldn't sleep. And then morning came! So I went to work yesterday with a heavy head and drooping eyelids..It was the TNP New Face finals and I had to help out that night. My boss asked me to go home to take a rest but again, I wasn't able to sleep even though i was sooooooo tired. Gave up trying to nap and got ready for the event. Was at the post-party at Thumper till about midnight so I thought that I would be able to sleep well that night. By then, I'd already stopped all medication with the exception of the antibiotics which had to be completed. And guess who spent yesterday night wide awake..

Just came back from our office doctor who said that the antibiotics could be the med that's keeping me awake. *ARGHHHH*. She prescribed another cough syrup (dhasedyl) and a flu tab (chlorpheniramine) which is supposed to make me really groggy! I really hope the meds work man.Doc gave me another MC but I can't afford to take it as I have tons of ads to clear! .I think I'm gonna start hallucinating soon and am having such a splitting headache and nausea,due to the lack of zz. This is torture man..
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