November 18th, 2007


not again...

I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry when I saw the positive pregnancy kit..But no, don't congratulate me yet. What the test meant was..the D&C op I did 3 weeks ago wasn't necessary in the first place. I actually had an ectopic pregnancy.

On Saturday morning, I woke up with some lower abdominal cramps..The pain was manageable and I didn't think much of it, hoping that it will go away after popping some painkillers. But by night time, the sharp and stabbing pain had intensified so much that I couldn't walk properly and hub promptly took me to the hospital.

I was given a pregnancy test, a blood test and went through several scans and it was then discovered that i had an ectopic pregnancy - which meant that fertilised egg has developed outside my uterus, and in my left fallopian tube instead. The tube wasn't able to accommodate the growing egg and thus had ruptured causing internal bleeding. So I had a laparoscopic operation done where parts of my left fallopian tube was removed in order to clear the 'mess'.

i was in so much pain after the operation..much worse than the cramps that I was getting. The doctor explained that they had to clear up a lot of blood in my womb. The oral medication they gave me didn't make me feel any better so they injected me with a stronger dose of painkillers. Thankfully it worked and I managed to get a lot of zzz which explains why I'm up and much awake at this hour!

Initially, I was very mad..didn't understand why the ectopic pregnancy wasn't discovered by my gynae at Raffles Hospital earlier! But the doctor at KK explained that some cases of etcopic pregnancy was hard to determine due to the size of the sac and a scan may not detect it. Also, the test that had confirmed my 'pregnancy' was the blood test which was to check the hormones level. Surprisingly at Raffles, I was only a '730.8' whereas my test came out as '17000' at KK. The levels actually rose so high in a mere 3 weeks.

I'm okay now..just feeling a li' numb. Hub brought the laptop to the hospital so that I could blog or play poker on facebook when i'm bored. I have tons of work to be done at work and I feel so guilty to have to be away especially since I was already on a week's medical leave the previous time. I hope to be discharged soon.

The chances of a repeat ectopic pregnancy is apparently quite high and to be honest, I'll rather not take the risk of having another child. I know I'm quite lucky 'coz there were cases where the rupture of the organ in an ectopic pregnancy had led to much loss of blood and endangering the lives of the patients. In my case, it was strange because i didn't show any signs of bleeding externally. in fact, my bleeding after the D&C op just stopped a mere 2 days ago.

Still can't believe I had to undergo two ops for the same pregnancy! Arghhh!