November 20th, 2007



Thanks for all your words of concern and smses (and Mong, for your yummy ginseng chicken soup too)!

Was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon. They'd wanted to let me stay one more night for observations but as I'd told them that I was fine and not in any pain anymore, the doctor finally agreed to let me go. But I'm kinda regreting my decision. The pain seemed to be returning but it is still tolerable. My shoulder blade is hurting the most but I understand that the discomfort is caused by the trapping of the carbon dioxide gas under the diaphragm which cause referred pain to the shoulder. The gas was pumped into my abdomen during the laparoscopy to help the doctor better visualise the organs. My tummy now is sooooo bloated like a balloon. I have some pains in my lower abdominal too but they are more bearable. The doctor did mention that the pain should subside within the next few days. Walking about and taking warm showers should help alleviate the pain. Just gotta tahan lah! Anyway, if I'd stayed on in the ward, I would have ended up lying in bed most of the time, requesting for pain injections to relieve my pain. Would rather be at home although having a hyper Aidan (it is the school holidays so he need not go to school) around can be quite challenging. He kept asking why he can't hug me....

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