October 19th, 2008


mega catch-up post (tons of pics)

Yeah..obviously not my baby...That's me with li' Kristy whose mommy has kindly loaned to Jean & I for picture taking/brief babysitting! The li' bub was soooooo cute and remarkably well-behaved. And for a while, it did make me regret not having another baby when I still could :P And that baby smell...man, I really miss that! Again, it was nice catching up with squarenailsPei Fen & alisonraeJean and seeing baby Kristy. Had been quite busy at work with several on-going projects although that wasn't the reason why I haven't been updating. It was just pure laziness on my part :P So this blog entry will be like a 5-in-1 with tons of pictures (which some of you would have seen on my FB) which was taken during the past few weeks or so :P
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