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Aidan's down with the fever again along with some other symptoms. This time round, the fever was expected as he had his MMR jab 2 Thursdays ago and the doctor had warned that he may become feverish after about a week. True enough last Friday, his temperature went up and hit a high of about 41 degrees..But along with his fever, he also had diarrhea and was puking ever so often.. So down to the paed we went. Paed said Aidan most likely had some kinda viral infection coupled with the after-effects of the MMR jab.. Tons of meds for the li' one and we were asked to monitor him and make sure we don't let him become too feverish. Doc said the high temperature would most likely go away by Tues (today)..*hopeful*..

Well, Aidan as usual is still a perky, active boy with a hearty intact appetite when he isn't feverish but he becomes grouchy when he's feeling ill..I guess the last couple of days of relching made him miserable and he's like compensating for the loss of food. His fever would always seem to strike in the night and he would be extremely fidgety in bed, refusing to sleep in his li' bed. But when I brought him to our bed and manja him a li' and he'll zzed almost immediately. I think he just wants to snuggle next to us when he's feeling so crappy. Actually, what worry us most about his illness was during his crying/fidgety fits, he would clutch the sides of his head, pressing his hands tightly against his if he had a bad headache..It was quite scary because he was doing that and bawling away..Never seen him do that before. Thankfully, after a while, he would calm down...Quite a trying experience..

Just hope the li' one will recover soon..

rexkids and mfluder, I wasn't able to make it to the bday celebration coz Aidan wasn't well..hope u guys had a good time.

Update : Mil was worried as Aidan's fever hadn't subsided much and his diahrrhea still persisted so she brought him back to the doc..The paed suspected that it could be food poisoning instead and started him on antibiotics. Said that if Aidan still has fever in the next 2 days, he would need to be admitted to the hospital. Really hope that the latest meds will work..really very heartpain to see Aidan so sickly...
Some pics which I'd taken in the month of October that i didn't have the time to post before..

It was both dad-in-law and ahbang's birthdays in the month of Oct. The happiest person was Aidan of coz since he got to clap and sing to the birthday song and even better still, eat the cakes!

Grandpa's cake time!

3 generations of Lee :)

Now it's Daddy's turn!

Some misc pics taken when we were out with our good pals and at Trev's place..

Love this pic of Aidan & his daddy :)

The 3 daddies with their darlings~


The kiddos enjoying their icecream..


moi with aidan, corrina with Chloe :)
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