July 27th, 2009


my first cooking class :D

Attended a cooking class for the first time last Saturday..well, better late than never I guess heh. Some time back when I was look through some of Aidan's past revision exercise, I saw a chinese worksheet that had those fill-in-the-blanks questions and it went something like this : (i've translated it to English okay!)

_____ cooked dinner for me
_____ played football with me

(so cliché yah!)

Helping words were mummy, daddy and some other relations. Aidan was relating to me how he he had to tell his teacher that the worksheet wasn't 'right' coz his mummy doesn't cook dinner for him. "Mummy" he says, "buys me McDonalds!" *sigh* Mega paiseh siah! He probably couldn't remember those earlier years when I was without a helper. I was the one who made all his meals then! Grrrr!! Oh well, I've never been gifted in the culinary department anyway. Was thinking though that it should be fun to learn how to cook something new and maybe, I can start cooking for Aidan again :D
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