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Had my eye checkup today in preparation for lasik. Hubby was with me too coz we both planned to have our myopia 'cured'. We'd gone to Eye Clinic Singapura at Gleneagles which is headed by Prof Arthur Lim who is quite a known figure in the medical circle. Our doctor is Dr Ronald Yeoh..There was lotsa pics of him with Michelle Yeoh in the office so we assumed that he's either her brotherr or related to her in some way.

Hubby had gone for his checkup about half a year ago and at that time, the doctor discovered holes in his retina and if it'd gone unrectified, he would have kenaed retina detachment and that could have led to blindness..Fortunately, it was detected early and the holes were all sealed using laser. This time round, Dr Yeoh checked his eyes and gave him the greenlight to do the lasik surgery since both eyes appear healthy. He would most likely have it done next week...

Sadly, it wasn't the case for me. Doctor Yeoh said that the tissues of my cornea were too thin. For most pple, the cornea tissue should measure abt 550 (which is the minimum requirement for lasik surgery) ..Hubby's cornea was extra thick (which is a good sign). According to the consultant who referred us to Dr Yeoh, hubby's cornea tissue can be deemed the 'long hu bang' [champion] of most corneas as it measures abt 650! Mine..*sigh*..It was about 460 in my left eye and 480 in my right. Basically, the right eye could be operated on using the latest technology - a tissue saving lasik technique (which is more costly) but even after the surgery, he could guarantee at most about 200 degrees left..So it meant that I would still have short-sightness in that eye. . And my left eye couldn't be operated on at all... Doc said that I should just wait to see if there will be better technology in the future that could be explored..

Damn..was so looking forward to having [almost] perfect eyesight. Kinda envious of hubby who will get his surgery done soon..Oh well, I guess i gotta continue to rely on contacts and my glasses *sobsob*..I know..i should be grateful that my eyes are healthy (in general) and not be so 'greedy'. And oh well, at least the half year supply of disposable contacts I have won't go to waste either..

Note : The thickness of one's cornea is due to 'nature' - (in the words of Dr Yeoh - given by God). I was born with corneas with thin layer of tissues. It has nothing to do with how one takes care of their eyes. That means not everyone's eyes are suitable for lasik or wavefront..
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