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Caught the movie - Hero yesterday night. It was a visual and audio treat indeed! The storyline, though simple was impressive , the cinematography was stunning, great action scenes, beautiful costumes, good acting by solid actors and the evocative music - everything just came together beautifully . I now understand what e_rambler meant when he said the "movie takes the word overproduced to a whole new level" in his review of the show.

But parts of the show were really overly dramatic..especially after Flying Snow [Maggie Cheung] was stabbed in both the blue & white scenes and when Flying Snow and Moon was fighting amidst the flyin yellow leaves..Beautiful but drama-mama..The audience laughed in the former scene & I couldn't help smiling too because I was sorta expecting it.

Maggie Cheung was breath-takingly beautiful in every scene that she was in..You just can't help but compare her mature beauty with the fresh faced Zhang Ziyi. I liked her in the red story most! Hauntingly alluring and seductive..:P~~

Darn..I am a truly bad reviewer..All that comes to mind when I watched this show is..erm Beautiful~~

I liked this show more than Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon..I felt the former was rather contrived..Hero had more soul imo though I know a few people thought otherwise..

Well, the confinement nanny will be leaving by next Monday and after that, I won't have much opportunity to go out on my own[unlikely that I will be able to find someone willing to babysit a newborne] since I have to look after Aidan *sobsob*..I hope I will be able to cope without the nanny. :P~
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