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Nothing much to blog about this weekend..

Played mahjong two nights in a row..Friday nite at my place and Sat night at Trev's :P.. Hubby & I made about 500 bucks so that turned out well :) Aidan's happy and perky...and is as cheeky as ever. Love the li' bugger to bits. He's growing up fast and is such a well-adjusted boy. Life is good so far..erm cept that my mobile fone went swimming and so I gotta go get myself another one and I'm so blur as to which one to get (and this time round, i'm not gonna spend so much on a fricking phone). This nokia phone looks pretty cool tho..hopefully, it's not too bulky. Wondering whether I can get it for cheaper..

Also, I'm still not sure whether I have a job yet. List is rumoured to be out on the 1st Nov, which is the Monday after.. Wish me luck :)

More pics

hmm..bananas again..


oh well..

whatcha looking at?

not bad tasting..

more please :)

U can tell from his tee who I'm [still] supporting for Singapore Idol :P

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Oct. 24th, 2004 07:13 pm (UTC)
coz he's been sick for the last week, doc advised against giving fruits with too much fibre so he had mainly bananas..He was probably getting sick of them..hehe

I still havent let Aidan wear his Toy Stories outfit + his Robin Hood one out yet..prob will let him wear it this year :) So fast hor..one year passed by just like that..