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Nothing much to blog about this weekend..

Played mahjong two nights in a row..Friday nite at my place and Sat night at Trev's :P.. Hubby & I made about 500 bucks so that turned out well :) Aidan's happy and perky...and is as cheeky as ever. Love the li' bugger to bits. He's growing up fast and is such a well-adjusted boy. Life is good so far..erm cept that my mobile fone went swimming and so I gotta go get myself another one and I'm so blur as to which one to get (and this time round, i'm not gonna spend so much on a fricking phone). This nokia phone looks pretty cool tho..hopefully, it's not too bulky. Wondering whether I can get it for cheaper..

Also, I'm still not sure whether I have a job yet. List is rumoured to be out on the 1st Nov, which is the Monday after.. Wish me luck :)

More pics

hmm..bananas again..


oh well..

whatcha looking at?

not bad tasting..

more please :)

U can tell from his tee who I'm [still] supporting for Singapore Idol :P

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Oct. 25th, 2004 12:05 am (UTC)
The thing abt the grouping can b quite misleading..In the week before, Gurmit did mention that all 3 (Sylv, Christopher, Jerry) had the least no. of votes. But last week, he simply said the unsafe group. It doesnt mean that all 3 had the lowest no. of votes. The producers decide each week how it should be grouped..eg. in one ep where jerry was in the 'unsafe group', he actually had one of the most no. of votes. By doing so, producers are sorta playing with the minds of the viewers n voters..

Heh i dun spend that much lah..definitely not as much as that 40 year old man who voted 400 times for Olinda! I dun have that much moolah :P