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boo boo ad...

Can anyone tell what's wrong with this photo which
is part of a feature on fitness in Cleo Mag?

It's actually quite an obvious boo-boo..nah, nothing to do with the ugly yellow shorts :P

Here's a contest which is being done by my colleague for doubleA..It's a shoot your own doubleA contest..

Any budding filmmakers here interested?
There aren't that many entrants so the chances of winning top 3 is rather high..but the due date is 29 Oct.

Check out this DoubleA ad made in Korea..solid siah..
U can download the commercials here : 30 sec version/15 sec version

Nursing a bad cold today..runny nose and a slight cough so I decided to stay home which explains why I'm posting right now.Will probably head back to bed soon after I pop some paracetamol..

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(Deleted comment)
Oct. 25th, 2004 08:15 am (UTC)
simi tgp?

heh..i was v young then eh..abt 18 plus..it was a really big helmet too so i din realise it was on wrongly :P..