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Taken this morning :)
Aidan waiting impatiently for his daddy to close the gate..

he's grown so much eh..

couldn't wait to get to school..

Rant #1
Dad's fine now..he's been discharged since the docs said he seems okay and that he's responding well to the meds and that he only needs to get some physio theraphy to strengthen his legs..

Wasn't too happy with the doctors at the hospitals actually..They were so bleddy smug..We'd asked for the doctor(s) who was i/c of him to explain his condition to us initially (that was 2 days ago) and the staff nurse had told us that the only time we could see them was during the morning ward rounds. She was unable to furnish us with much information you see (eg. when he can be discharged, what should we/he do to prevent further similar stroke incidents etc)..

So, I was there at 9.30 am in the morning and the doctors had already seen my dad and had moved on to another ward. I'd asked the staff nurse about it and she actually told me to go to that ward and speak to them directly. I was like err..kinda rude right? So I asked her to relay my request to see them after their rounds..And so the staff nurse approached them..and I could see the look of irritation of their faces as she spoke to them. I was outside the ward then, and that idiotic doctor looked up in exasperation and said in a booming voice "Who does she think she is. She says she thinks that she wants to see us, we must see her immediately issit? We are very busy you know! Ask her to wait for us!" bleddy rude! And to think that the staff nurse had actually wanted to me to approach them directly initially *^%&*_)*%^*.. bth man..such attitude. And I didn't say 'now'..i said after the rounds..idiots!

And also, while the physio therapist was seeing my dad, she'd indicated that she was quite worried that his arms muscles seemed to be rather weak and that he'd trouble raising his arms and stretching it. She said that it's best for him to see an orthopedist. So I told her whether they could arrange for an in-house orthopedist to see her. She hmm and hawed and said that only the doctors could arrange for that and it was not up to her level to order it..she could only recommend to the doctors but the doctors had to give the okay for it! I asked her whether the doctors knew abt my dad's arms condition..she replied in affirmative but their opinion was that he should just seek the orthopedic doctor as an outpatient (since he was to be discharged soon)..She sorta hinted that her views were often outweighed by the doctors so there was nothing she could do and gave me an apologetic look..Man..doubly TL with those bunch of doctors...

Even dad had something to say too [mind you, I didn't tell dad what had happened]. When they finally came back to the ward to talk to me and after they'd commented that they seemed unhappy that they were called back into the ward. He said that he could tell by their body language and the manner in which they were speaking..Yeah, that obvious eh..Was really glad that dad was gonna be discharged soon..

Dad with his grandson..

Rant #2

I thought that since the 2 tv stations are gonna merge soon, the 'other side' should at least panchan us a li'..But nooooooo!

Well, Wednesday@10pm on Ch 5 is the day of the makeover reality show : The Swan (burbur your fave show rite :P) but of coz on the very day when our [sponsored] blockbuster movie - Lara Croft : Tomb Raider is scheduled (Wed,10 Nov 04), they're countering with a tv premiere of Jurassic Park 3.......*sighhh* Yeah, I know Tomb Raider sucked big time but there's the babe Angelina Jolie whom I sure most people won't mind ogling at and it's based on everyone's former fave computer game..But darn, JP3 is bound to rate lah...the li' kiddos will definitely insist on staying late so that they can watch dinos go bonkers claiming that it's educational. there will be the aunties/uncles tuning in after they've finished watching their Ch 8 series (The Champion..*boink*)..and of coz the typical loyal Ch5 viewer who will watch whatever's on it and absolutely nothing on Ch i - even if there are decent shows (yeah, lotsa such people according to the daily ratings report I get *sighh*)...

So..for the first time in their short channel lifespan, Ch i will counter Ch 5's counter :D Lara Croft : Tomb Raider, the blockbuster tv premiere will start at 9pm on Ch i instead of 10pm..and this way, Ch 5 won't be able to counter our counter-countering coz there's news on 5 at 9.30pm which cannot be moved~..ladida...~

Heh..this is of coz another feeble attempt to get u guys to watch Ch i movies [it worked last time leh..our movie rated quite well :) ] . eh, no digicams to be won this time round but it's an okay movie lah..TV premiere somemore..Oh, the tv premiere of Bridget Jones's Diary will be shown on the 2nd Nov (Tuesday)..It's CSI 3 on Ch 5 on the same day [sponsored show so they can't counterprogramme *glee*] and I'm sure most CSI fans would have subscribed to cable and watch it umpteenth time on AXN or probably bought the bootleg version from JB so watch Ch i lah..and u can stand a chance to win premiere tiks to the sequel BJD : The Edge of Reason which is on the 3rd week of November :)

Yeah, I'm choosing to ignore the fact that most of u guys would have bought the bootleg DVD copies of the movies..and yeah, for those who prefer more offbeat/less commercialised titles in the month of Nov on Ch i, there also Being John Malkovich (gonna be heavily censored though) and A Night at the Roxbory just to name a few :P..

Oh..and it's very likely that I'm not on that merger namelist so I may be jobless soon *sighhhh* The official list should be announced on Tuesday so....

And again,we can always count on icered for inside info..

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