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kiddy halloween..

Remember the Robin Hood costume I bought from Hong Kong?
Yeah, it's still too big for Aidan.Check out the humongous brown boots!

Pics from the kiddos' Halloween Party :)

moi and my blur looking Robin..

Red Ranger was there too..

And so was moo moo..

Aidan checking out the babe, Claudia

mmnchua and Nicole, sonday and Batboy aka Ryan, moi and Mr Hood, laurapoon & Caleb..

A preggy Tracey claudiacheng with Claudia surrounded by the 2 boys (+ moms)
Hmm..the kids look really sian man..

This time round, there weren't that many kids in costumes so Aidan was sorta 'overdressed' but heh..he seemed to like his costume. Even though the hat was kinda big for him, he didn't mind wearing it and made sure it stayed put on his head..He was a li' grouchy later though 'coz he didn't have a nap in the afternoon..and after we went home, he started having a temperature *sigh*.. I guess it could be due to the crazy weather we've been having. Fortunately, it's only mild fever and I'm sure he'll be well soon..

Tina timroy..thanks for organising such a fab party..:)

Hmm..I just realised that all the Halloween parties I've been to have been for Aidan..I've never gone clubbing on Halloween night in ghostly makeup and interesting what I'm seeing on my lj friends sites..And those parties look so happening :P

Man..I'm feeling my age again~ :P

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