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illegal fruits!

We were stopped at Customs twice..on the way into Brisbane and when we were departing for Singapore..

The first time, upon scanning all the bags we were carrying on board the plane, the custom guy took that one bag containing the supposed problematic items aside and beckoned me over.

"Is this your bag? And did u fill up the custom form?" he asked.
I nodded..
"Did u tick no to everything on this declaration page?"
I nodded my head again..
"Do u know how to read English?"
Me : Huh?!!
"What exactly is the problem?" I queried.
"FRUITS!" he exclaimed. "You aren't supposed to bring fresh produce into Australia!" he said in exasperation..
Fruits!!? I wondered..and then it dawned on me what he was referring to....

And so the bag was opened and lo and behold..there were fruits..

Aidan's beloved toy fruits :)

Custom guy started blubbering and was going .."But..but.. they looked so real!"..He apologised and we both laughed over the matter...
(I was initially quite pissed off by his 'read english' remark but..suah suah lah..)

The second time round, we were stopped 'coz of some utensils in my carry bag. Guess who it was for too :D~

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